St Bridget’s Primary School in Greythorn Celebrates 60th Year Anniversary

Monday 21 October 2019

Robyn Thomson, Principal at St Bridget's Primary School in Greythorn
Pictured above: Bishop Terry Curtin and St Bridget's Primary School children at the 60th anniversary Mass 
On Sunday 20th October, St Bridget’s Primary School in Greythorn celebrated their 60th Anniversary. The celebrations were commemorated with a Mass led by Bishop Terry Curtin and Parish Priest Father Mark Reynolds, followed by morning tea and a walk down memory lane of 60 years of school memorabilia.

At the beginning of Mass an emotional Bishop Curtin expressed to the congregation how special the Parish and School of St Bridget’s is to him as he was Parish Priest there for 7 years from 2008 to 2014.
Pictured above: Bishop Terry Curtin serving mass at St Bridget's Primary School 60th anniversary
During his time as Parish Priest, Bishop Curtin developed a truly wonderful rapport with the school children of St Bridget’s. As part of his homily on the day, he reminisced of the times when he would conduct Mass at St Bridget’s for the school children and the range of entertaining answers he would receive from them regarding the message from the Gospel of the day.
 Pictured above (left to right): Bishop Terry Curtin, Principal Mrs Robyn Thomson and Parish Priest Fr Mark Reynolds
Following Mass, Bishop Curtin and Father Mark Reynolds spent time talking with the many past and present families of St Bridget’s Primary School before the formalities of cutting the Anniversary cake.
The day of celebration was enjoyed by all community members of St Bridgets in Greythorn. 
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