Statement from Bishop Paul Bird following the death of Bishop Ronald Mulkearns

Monday 4 Apri1 2016

BISHOP Ronald Mulkearns died this morning (Monday, 4 April) in Nazareth House Nursing Home, Ballarat, aged 85.

Bishop Mulkearns was the bishop of Ballarat from 1971 till 1997. Those who knew him personally will remember a man who was dedicated in his service over those years and, indeed, over the sixty years he served as a priest. At the same time, Bishop Mulkearns himself acknowledged that he had made some tragic mistakes during his time as bishop. He expressed his sorrow for these mistakes in the evidence he gave to the Royal Commission in February.

The Royal Commission had foreshadowed a further hearing of evidence from Bishop Mulkearns. His death means that the Royal Commission and survivors will not be able to hear any further evidence that he might have given and this will be a disappointment to them.

Picture courtesy ABC

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