What if it’s all true?

What if it’s all true?

Volume 18, Issue 16

As a priest, I rarely have the opportunity of listening to another priest preach. However, on the odd occasions that chance has come my way, I have invariably been enriched by the experience. One of the best indicators of this enrichment is the fact that I carry the memory of what was said in particular sermons for years afterwards. One that came to mind recently was delivered by a priest from a religious order during a jubilee celebration many moons ago.

Leasers of God's people

Volume 18, Issue 15

I would like to spend some time sharing with you my reflections on a recent gathering that I enjoyed with a group of my brother priests. Over 120 of us from the Archdiocese of Melbourne came together for a four day conference, and it enriched me greatly.

Let your faith shine

Volume 18, Issue 14

As I take up my pen each fortnight to write another Perspective, I pause to consider what I should write about. Sometimes there is a particular issue that comes readily to my mind. Other times I draw a blank, with nothing initially suggesting itself.

Shepherds in the mist

Volume 18, Issue 13

Each July in years past I have devoted a Perspective to some aspect of the priesthood. Being the month in which I was ordained in 1958, and being the one in which a high proportion of Victoria’s priests received their share in the Sacrament of Holy Orders, it seems appropriate to focus on that topic at this time.

Christmas in July

ImageVolume 18, Issue 12

Fashion is a fascinating phenomenon. What exactly it is that triggers off a trend is a question open to interpretation, but the rapid, slavish way in which trends are followed is not. So what was it that prompted so many individuals and organisations to adhere to the tradition of celebrating ‘Christmas in July?’