What Jesus did for you

What Jesus did for you

Volume 18, Issue 5

I must confess that I’m not a great devotee of TV’s current affairs programs. Apart from their apparent preference for sensational items, I find them focussed in general on what is wrong with our society rather than what is right with it. Having said that, I did recently encounter a session that was a real gem – both positive and inspiring – and I’m grateful that I chanced upon it.

News flash of hope

Volume 18, Issue 4 

You are most probably all too familiar with such well-worn expressions as ‘time flies’ and ‘Where has the year gone?’ However, their popularity is most likely due to fact that they contain a clear element of truth. What personal response you make to them is obviously up to you, but it would be a pity – or, more correctly, a tragedy – if you simply allowed yourself to be a victim of the swift passage of time and do nothing effective about it. But what?

Remembering Henri

Volume 18, Issue 3 

There was a point last year during my battle with cancer when, for the first time since my collapse and confinement to the intensive care unit, I picked up a book and started to read. Up until that stage, I had not so much as read a newspaper or watched the television set so readily available. That same night, I picked up a pen for the first time, and started to write another Perspective.

Christlike character

Volume 18, Issue 2 

To say that 2006 was the most difficult and challenging of my life so far would be, at the very least, a glaring understatement. To have contracted cancer and faced a near-death experience, as well as having to cope with the consequences involved in dealing with such events, have ensured that 2006 constituted a personal annus horribilis that I shall never forget.

Forever grateful

Volume 18, Issue 1

The Collins Street tram  drew to a halt, and a well dressed matron stepped aboard. There wasn’t a spare seat in sight, but a teenage youth in College uniform rose to his feet, and invited the new passenger to sit in his place, an offer she quickly accepted.

After the vehicle had gathered momentum and silence had descended on the scene, the now seatless young man leant down to the new occupant of the space that he had so recently relinquished. Then, in a voice clearly audible to all in the compartment, he said to her, “Excuse me, madam, but did you say something?”