Of pencils and love Of pencils and love

Of pencils and love

Wednesday 12 October 2016
This reflection by Kathryn Cunningham is reprinted from the blog of the Catholic Writers’ Guild.

Isn’t it a curiosity that the most astounding contemporary saint of our time would choose an image for herself that has nothing to do with who she was? Mother Theresa was in all ways a ‘doer’. She was the one in the field and getting her hands dirty in places where others would not go. Yet, she was widely quoted, repeated and written about...

Life, like a gelateria

Monday 22 August 2016

Father Terrance W. Klein, America magazine – a reflection on the Mass readings for the 21st Sunday in Ordinary time.

I’D START with stracciatella. It’s such a fun word to pronounce, and what’s there to explain? Other than to say, ‘It’s chocolate chip.’ Of course, they’d want to know how that was different from, the similar looking, bacio, and I’d explain that it was made with the famous chocolates from Perugia. Over here was cioccolato al arancia, dark chocolate with orange flavoring. Of course pistacchio was pistachio. Where’d they think we got it from? Niocciola was hazelnut, all by itself.